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Volume 9 (2017)

The first article for Volume 9 is a memorial tribute to the late Ed Berger, former associate director of the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies, biographer, discographer, photographer, and more, who died January 22, 2017. Nine friends and colleagues from the world of jazz research present their recollections and appreciations.

The second article examines discography as it goes beyond the title/performance/track level into the realm of the solo. Although the first published attempts at this go back nearly seventy years, the twenty-first century discographer can take advantage of new computer tools.

Remembering Ed Berger

Michael Fitzgerald et al.

The multi-talented Ed Berger is remembered by David Demsey, Matthew Snyder, Peter Pullman, Fernando Ortiz de Urbina, Jeff Sultanof, Bill Kirchner, Janice Greenberg, Scott Wenzel, and Randy Sandke.

Compilation and Display of Solo Information in Jazz Discography

Noal Cohen

A survey of the diverse approaches to handling solo information in discographies is presented as a prelude to an examination of early results of using the BRIAN computer application for incorporating solo data into existing artist discographies.

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