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Volume 2 (2010)

The articles in the second volume of Current Research in Jazz present jazz scholarship in the following areas: biography, thematic etymology, musical analysis, and bibliography.

Michael Fitzgerald
Founding Editor 

The Return of Henry Grimes: A Memoir

Steven L. Isoardi

The author provides his recollections of the California activities of bassist Henry Grimes following his rediscovery in 2003.

The Perdido–Wahoo Line: Ted Sturgis and Benny Harris

Anthony Barnett & Leif Bo Petersen

The tangled history of the contrafact on the chord changes of “Perdido” that has been recorded as “Wahoo” or “Lion’s Den” is unraveled.

Lucky Thompson In Paris: The 1961 Candid Records Session

Noal Cohen & Chris Byars

In the spring of 1961, saxophonist Lucky Thompson led a notable quartet recording session for the Candid Records label in Paris. The history of this session and the details of how it was eventually issued in its entirety over thirty years later are described. In addition, the eight intriguing Thompson compositions and their performances at the session are analyzed.

Remembering Lem Winchester

John Chowning, George Lindamood, & David Arnold

The three members of the John Chowning Collegiates each recall the time they spent in 1957 in Wilmington, Delaware with vibraphonist Lem Winchester as well as the recording they made together in New York City that led to Winchester’s tragically brief career as a national recording artist and performer.

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