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Gérard Terronès: Totem (1977–1979)

Pierre Crépon

This listing compiles groups announced at the Totem bar in Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine. This work served as the basis for a history of Terronès’s clubs. [1]

The Totem bar was located inside the Stadium, a sports and leisure complex situated at 66, avenue d’Ivry in Paris. After having organized larger scale concerts on the convertible skating rink of the Stadium, Terronès started to organize events in the Totem in late 1977. The number of musical events progressively increased.

The first Totem events were not announced in the jazz press. A news item in the April 1979 issue of Jazz Magazine (p. 16) indicated that the low turnout at the club had jeopardized Terronès’s finances so much that he had decided to stop Totem activities, but that, in February, he had declared himself open to collaborating with a collective of musicians willing to provide help. The Totem is indicated as closed for alterations in the June 1979 (p. 22), July–August 1979 (p. 8), September 1979 (p. 27), and October 1979 (p. 27) issues of Jazz Magazine. The last listing of Totem concerts is found in the May 1979 issue of Jazz Hot (p. 44).

The data presented should be considered as partial and conditional. Discrepancies exist between Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine listings. Efforts have been made to select the most complete data.

When sessions feature multiple groups, they are separated by semicolons. Groups and soloists listed as separate entities in sources are indicated as such, using “with” or “featuring.” Co-leaders of ensembles or musicians making up untitled duets are separated by en dashes (e.g., John Tchicai–André Goudbeek). When the names of all the musicians constituting an ensemble were given in sources, they are separated by slashes. Titled events are listed between quotes.

Bibliographic entries are followed by, between square brackets, data on the reviewed sessions following the conventions outlined above. Multiple sessions are separated by dots.

Groups announced at the Totem bar (1977–1979) in Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine

December 7, 1977Frank Wright Quartet; François Tusques solo.
December 14, 1977Junior Cook–Bill Hardman Quintet.
December 21, 1977Archie Shepp Quartet.
January 10, 1978Raymond Boni Big Band.
January 17, 1978Raymond Boni Big Band.
January 24, 1978Raymond Boni Big Band.
February 15, 1978Bernard Lubat Big Band.
February 15, 1978Charles Tolliver Quartet.
February 16, 1978Clifford Thornton Quintet.
February 21, 1978Bernard Lubat Big Band.
February 22, 1978Steve Lacy Quintet.
February 23, 1978Armonicord; Steve Lacy solo.
February 28, 1978Bernard Lubat Big Band.
March 1, 1978Un Drame musical instantané; Raymond Boni solo.
March 2, 1978Archie Shepp Quartet with Joe Lee Wilson.
March 7, 1978John Tchicai–André Goudbeek.
March 8, 1978Saheb Sarbib Quartet; Michel Graillier solo.
March 9, 1978Europamerica Big Band.
March 14, 1978Sam Rivers Trio.
March 15, 1978Lou Bennett Trio.
March 16, 1978Frank Wright with Georges Arvanitas Trio.
March 17, 1978Robin Kenyatta Quartet.
March 21, 1978Sam Rivers Trio.
March 22, 1978Saheb Sarbib Big Band.
March 23, 1978Zusaan Kali Fasteau Quartet.
March 28, 1978Sam Rivers Trio.
March 29, 1978Joe Albany solo; Jacques Thollot Quintet.
March 30, 1978Multitude; Ron Pittner Trio.
March 31, 1978Sam Rivers Trio.
April 4, 1978Didier Levallet Big Band.
April 5, 1978Skuas.
April 11, 1978Didier Levallet Big Band.
April 18, 1978Didier Levallet Big Band.
April 25, 1978Didier Levallet Big Band.
April 26, 1978Richard Boone Quintet.
May 9, 1978Frank Lowe Quartet.
May 10, 1978“Guitar Workshop.”
May 11, 1978René Urtreger Quartet.
May 17, 1978Butch Morris Quartet.
May 18, 1978Jacques Berrocal solo; Itaru Oki Quartet.
May 22, 1978Jean-Pierre Debarbat Dolphin Orchestra.
May 24, 1978Alain Pinsolle solo; Art Studio.
May 29, 1978Xavier Breteau Répercussion; Hugh Levick-Mujo.
May 30, 1978Denis Levaillant–Pierre Rigaud; Cohelmec.
May 31, 1978Joe Lee Wilson with Georges Arvanitas Quartet.
June 20, 1978Dou; Noel McGhie Space Spies.
June 29, 1978André Jaume solo; Confluence.
July 5, 1978Max Roach Quartet.
July 6, 1978Ted Curson Quintet.
July 10, 1978Archie Shepp Quartet.
July 11, 1978Willem Breuker Kollektief.
July 12, 1978Sam Rivers Trio.
September 21, 1978Anthony Braxton solo.
October 16, 1978Alexander von Schlippenbach–Sven-Åke Johansson.
October 18, 1978Nommo.
October 19, 1978Michel Edelin Flûtes Rencontre.
October 20, 1978Roger Guérin Quartet.
October 21, 1978Jerome Van Jones Blues Express.
October 23, 1978Archie Shepp Quartet.
October 25, 1978Johnny Dyani Witchdoctor's Son.
October 26, 1978Jean-Pierre Debarbat Dolphin Orchestra.
October 27, 1978Anachronic Jazz Band.
October 28, 1978Jerome Van Jones.
October 30, 1978Lee Konitz–Martial Solal.
October 31, 1978Jean-Paul Asseline/Jacques Vidal/Georges Paczynski; Frédéric Sylvestre/Jacques Vidal.
November 2, 1978Marion Brown solo.
November 3, 1978Bill Hardman–Junior Cook Quintet.
November 4, 1978Jerome Van Jones Blues Express.
November 15, 1978François Jeanneau/John Tchicai/André Goudbeek/Philippe Maté.
November 17, 1978La Marmite infernale.
November 18, 1978Jerome Van Jones Blues Express with surprise guest.
November 21, 1978Al Levitt Quartet.
November 22, 1978Keshavan Maslak Trio.
November 23, 1978Douglas R. Ewart–Adegoke Steve Colson.
November 24, 1978Jef Gilson Quintet.
November 25, 1978Jerome Van Jones Blues Express with surprise guest.
November 29, 1978James Newton–Anthony Davis.
November 30, 1978François Jeanneau/Henri Texier/Daniel Humair.
December 1, 1978Jean-Pierre Coustillas–Didi Duprat.
December 2, 1978Jerome Van Jones Blues Express with suprise guest.
December 5, 1978Evan Chandlee.
December 16, 1978Anachronic Jazz Band.
December 19–20, 1978Jean-Loup Longnon Big Band with Joe Lee Wilson.
December 26–30, 1978Archie Shepp Quartet.
January 29, 1979Haricots rouges with Alton Purnell.
January 30, 1979Raymond Boni–Gérard Marais.
January 31, 1979Pepper Adams with Georges Arvanitas Trio.
February 9, 1979Dominique Gaumont Energy.
February 15–16, 1979Joseph Bowie–Luther Thomas.
February 17, 1979Six pieds sous terre.
February 21–22, 1979Daunik Lazro Quartet.
February 24, 1979Guem.
February 28, 1979John Tchicai–André Goudbeek.
March 1–2, 1979Joseph Bowie–Luther Thomas Saint Louis Creative Ensemble.
March 3, 1979Edja Kungali.
March 7, 1979John Tchicai/André Goudbeek/François Jeanneau/Philippe Maté.
March 8, 1979Phillip Wilson/Frank Lowe/Olu Dara/Didier Levallet.
March 31, 1979Anthony Braxton Quartet.
April 4–14, 1979 [alternating]Joseph Bowie–Luther Thomas Saint Louis Creative Ensemble; Anthony Davis–James Newton.
April 18–21, 1979Lee Konitz–Martial Solal.
May 23–24, 1979Sam Rivers Quartet.
May 26, 1979Edja Kungali.

Bibliography of Totem (1977–1979) sessions covered in Jazz Hot

Bibliography of Totem (1977–1979) sessions covered in Jazz Magazine

Index of Musicians


The primary sources consulted were every issue of Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine between 1977 and 1979.


[1] Pierre Crépon, “Once Upon a Time in Paris,” The Wire 412 (June 2018): 36–41.

Author Information: 
Pierre Crépon is an independent researcher based in France. He has written for The Wire, New York City Jazz Record, Point of Departure, and Improjazz, among others. His research deals with the history of avant-garde jazz, with a particular focus on the American and French scenes of the sixties and seventies.

This listing compiles groups announced at the Totem bar in Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine. Bibliographies of reviews/coverage in the two publications are also included.

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