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Gérard Terronès: The Gill’s Club (1967–1970)

Pierre Crépon

This listing compiles groups announced at the Gill’s Club in Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine. It covers only the period during which the club was operated by Gérard and Odile Terronès. This work served as the basis for a history of Terronès’s clubs. [1]

The Gill’s Club was located at 7, rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie in Paris. Before being managed by the Terronès couple, the Gill’s was managed by Jean-Claude Albert-Weil, who resumed this role in late 1970. The precise dates of the Terronès’s management are not available, but they can be inferred based on the programming style.

For the 1967–1968 season, the Gill’s Club was open nightly until 4 a.m., except Mondays. Between 1968 and 1970, the closing night shifted to Sundays.

The data presented should be considered as partial and conditional. Discrepancies exist between Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine listings. While operating the Gill’s Club, Gérard Terronès also wrote in Jazz Hot, sometimes signing the cabaret program section. Consequently, data from this magazine has usually been prioritized.

Dates preceded by “ending” reflect incomplete date ranges in sources. Certain groups were listed for periods encompassing weekends during which other groups played; the data has been left untouched.

When sessions feature multiple groups, they are separated by semicolons. Groups and soloists listed as separate entities in sources are indicated as such, using “with” or “featuring.” Co-leaders of ensembles or musicians making up untitled duets are separated by en dashes (e.g., Alan Silva–Becky Friend). When the names of all the musicians constituting an ensemble were given in sources, they are separated by slashes. Titled events are listed between quotes.

Club coverage in Jazz Hot during this era could be quite free-form, with articles constituting more a chronicle of Parisian club life than traditional reviews. When music played at the Gill’s was discussed at some length, details of sessions have been given. For articles leaning toward simple listings, “various, with mentions of...” has been used.

Bibliographic entries are followed by, between square brackets, data on the reviewed sessions following the conventions outlined above. Multiple sessions are separated by dots.

Groups announced at the Gill’s Club (1967–1970) in Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine

November 1967 [Tuesday, Sunday]discotheque, jam sessions.
November 1967 [Wednesday–Saturday]Charles Orieux–Jacques Di Donato Sextet.
November 1967 [Sunday (matinee)]Claude Préchac Trio.
December 1967 [Tuesday, Sunday]discotheque, jam sessions.
December 1967 [Wednesday–Thursday]Blue Sounds.
December 1967 [Friday–Saturday]Bill Coleman with Charles Barrié Quartet.
December 1967 [Sunday (matinee)]jam sessions.
January 1968 [Tuesday–Thursday, Sunday]Modern Jazz Group.
January 1968 [Friday–Saturday]Blue Sounds featuring Hal Singer and Alain Bromberg.
January 1968 [Sunday (matinee)]dance.
February 1968 [Tuesday–Thursday, Sunday]Modern Jazz Group.
February 1968 [Friday–Saturday]Blue Sounds featuring Hal Singer and Alain Bromberg.
February 1968 [Sunday (matinee)]dance.
March 1968 [Tuesday–Thursday]Patrice Galas Trio; Blue Sounds.
March 1968 [Friday–Sunday]Blue Sounds featuring Hal Singer and Alain Bromberg.
March 1968 [Sunday (matinee)]dance.
April 1968 [Tuesday–Thursday]Michel Roques Trio.
April 1968 [Friday–Saturday, Sunday (matinee)]Crazy Stompers.
May 1968 [Tuesday–Thursday]Michel Roques Trio.
May 1968 [Friday]Michel Terrioux Quartet.
May 1968 [Saturday–Sunday]Alain Lhermitte Quartet.
May 21-31, 1968Mal Waldron.
June 1968 [Tuesday–Thursday]Michel Roques Trio.
June 1968 [Friday]Michel Terrioux Quartet.
June 1968 [Saturday–Sunday]Alain Lhermitte Quartet.
October 1968 [Monday–Friday]Hank Mobley.
October 1968 [Saturday]Blue Sounds.
November 1968 [Monday–Tuesday]Michel Graillier Trio.
November 1968 [Wednesday]Michel Edelin Quartet.
November 1968 [Thursday]Charles Basson Quartet.
November 1968 [Friday]Michel Terrioux Quartet.
November 1968 [Saturday]Gilbert Rost Quartet.
ending December 15, 1968Dizzy Reece Quartet.
December 16–31, 1968Joseph Reinhardt Quartet.
January 6–17, 1969Hal Singer.
January 20–24, 1969Hank Mobley.
January 27–31, 1969Charles Basson–Alain Hatot.
January 1969 [Saturday]Gilbert Rost Quartet.
January 1969 [Sunday (matinee)]jam sessions.
ending February 14, 1969Hank Mobley.
February 17–28, 1969Alain Hatot.
February 1969 [Saturday]Michel Edelin Quartet.
February 1969 [Thursday (matinee)]rhythm section lessons with Benoît Charvet, Franco Manzecchi, Michel Graillier.
ending March 14, 1969Michel Roques Trio.
March 17–21, 1969Alan Silva–Becky Friend.
March 24–28, 1969Alain Hatot.
March 1969 [Saturday]Charles Barrié Quartet.
April 1969 [Monday–Friday]Pierre–Alain Dahan Quartet.
April 1969 [Saturday]Charles Barrié Quartet.
May 1969 [Monday, Wednesday, Friday]Siegfried Kessler Trio.
May 1969 [Tuesday, Thursday]Alan Silva Celestrial Communication Orchestra.
May 1969 [Saturday]Charles Barrié Quartet.
May 1969 [midnight]Michel Roques Trio.
May 14–23, 1969 [midnight]Mal Waldron.
ending June 12, 1969Mal Waldron.
June 2–30, 1969 [Monday–Thursday]Michel Edelin Quartet.
June 1969 [Friday]Jean Bonal Trio.
June 1969 [Saturday]Charles Barrié Quartet.
June 1969 [midnight]Michel Roques Trio.
September 1969 [Monday–Friday]Siegfried Kessler–Jacky Samson Quartet.
September 1969 [Saturday, Sunday (matinee)]Tin Pan Stompers.
ending October 17, 1969 [Monday–Friday]Mal Waldron Trio.
October 20–31, 1969 [Monday–Friday]Dizzy Reece with Siegfried Kessler Trio.
October 1969 [Saturday]Raymond Fonsèque Original Band.
October 1969 [Sunday (matinee)]jam sessions.
November 3–14, 1969 [Monday–Friday]Hal Singer with Patrice Galas Trio.
November 17–28, 1969 [Monday–Friday]Joachim Kühn/Jean-François Jenny-Clark/Aldo Romano.
November 1969 [Saturday]Raymond Fonsèque Original Band.
November 1969 [Sunday (matinee)]jam sessions with Patrice Galas Trio.
ending December 12, 1969 [Monday–Friday]Georges Arvanitas Trio.
December 15–31, 1969 [Monday–Friday]Dizzy Reece with Michel Roques Trio.
December 1969 [a few days, not yet determined]Siegfried Kessler/Barre Phillips/Stu Martin.
December 1969 [Saturday]Joseph Reinhardt Quintet.
December 1969 [Sunday (matinee)]jam sessions with Patrice Galas Trio.
ending January 17, 1970 [Monday–Friday]Georges Arvanitas Trio.
January 19–25, 1970 [Monday–Friday]John Surman/Barre Phillips/Stu Martin.
January 26–30, 1970 [Monday–Friday]Clifford Jordan Quartet.
January 1970 [Sunday (matinee)]jam sessions with Patrice Galas Trio.
ending February 13, 1970Joachim Kühn/Jean-François Jenny-Clark/Aldo Romano.
February 16–17, 1970François Tusques Sextet.
February 18–27, 1970Mal Waldron Trio.
February 1970 [Monday]Claude Cagnasso Big Band.
February 1970 [Saturday]Peter Wildbolz Quartet.
ending March 13, 1970 [Tuesday–Friday]Mal Waldron Trio.
March 17–27, 1970 [Tuesday–Friday]John Surman/Barre Phillips/Stu Martin.
March 1970 [Monday]Claude Cagnasso Big Band.
March 1970 [Saturday]Peter Wildbolz Quartet.
ending April 17, 1970Joachim Kühn Trio.
April 20–24, 1970Ronnie Beer Quartet.
April 27–30, 1970François Tusques Quartet.
ending May 16, 1970Mal Waldron Trio.
May 18–23, 1970Jean-Louis Méchali Trio.
May 25–30, 1970Peter Wildbolz Quintet.
ending June 13, 1970Jef Gilson Trio.
June 15–30, 1970Jean-Philippe Blin Trio.
ending July 6, 1970Alain Hatot Trio.
July 7–11, 1970Mal Waldron.
July 13–31, 1970Mico Nissim Trio.
ending September 12, 1970Siegfried Kessler Trio with Jeff Seffer.
September 14–20, 1970Charles Tolliver Quartet.
September 21–30, 1970François Tusques Quartet.
October 1–9, 1970Pierre Favre Quartet.
October 12–20, 1970Freddie Redd Trio.
October 21–23, 1970Joachim Kühn–Eje Thelin Quartet.
October 26–30, 1970Burton Greene Trio.
October 1970 [Saturday, Sunday (matinee)]Michel Edelin Quartet.
November 1–6, 1970Steve Lacy Quintet.

Bibliography of Gill’s Club (1967–1970) sessions covered in Jazz Hot

Bibliography of Gill’s Club (1967–1970) sessions covered in Jazz Magazine

Index of Musicians


The primary sources consulted were every issue of Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine between 1967 and 1970.


[1] Pierre Crépon, “Once Upon a Time in Paris,” The Wire 412 (June 2018): 36–41.

Author Information: 
Pierre Crépon is an independent researcher based in France. He has written for The Wire, New York City Jazz Record, Point of Departure, and Improjazz, among others. His research deals with the history of avant-garde jazz, with a particular focus on the American and French scenes of the sixties and seventies.

This listing compiles groups announced at the Gill’s Club in Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine. Bibliographies of reviews/coverage in the two publications are also included.

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