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Volume 1 (2009)

The first five articles of Current Research in Jazz present jazz scholarship in the following areas: musical analysis, research, oral history, and bibliography.

Michael Fitzgerald
Founding Editor 

An Introduction To Jazz Filmography

Mark Cantor

The author identifies aspects peculiar to researching and documenting jazz on film. A bibliography is included.

Jazz Transformations of the ii7–V7–I Progression

Dariusz Terefenko

The ii7–V7–I progression is an essential part of jazz and over the course of the music’s development, transformations of this progression have enriched the harmonic language of jazz. This article explores the harmonic possibilities of the ii7–V7–I progression with emphasis on some important substitute techniques.

Exploring the Use of a Single Formula in Grant Green’s First Chorus Improvisation on “I’ll Remember April” (1961)

Andrew Scott

Many jazz musicians rely on a finite number of malleable formulas that can be manipulated rhythmically, harmonically and melodically in any number of ways for any number of musical results. This article examines one single formula and its repeated presence in the first chorus of Grant Green’s improvisation on the composition “I’ll Remember April.”

Earl Coleman Oral History

Will Friedwald

An oral history of singer Earl Coleman, covering his life and career, this article includes accounts of Coleman’s interactions with Charlie Parker, Gene Ammons, Erroll Garner, Benny Carter, Jay McShann, Fats Navarro, Ross Russell, Mike Abene, and others. It also includes his views on other vocalists including Roy Felton, Harlan Lattimore, Melvin Moore, Billy Eckstine, Herb Jeffries, and Al Hibbler.

A Bibliography of Change Magazine

Michael Fitzgerald

Change was a short-lived jazz publication from Detroit, MI, which existed from 1965 to 1966 and was edited by John Sinclair, Charles Moore, and Leni Sinclair. Excerpts from an interview with Leni Sinclair provide details on the history of the magazine.

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