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Information for Authors

Current Research in Jazz is an online, peer-reviewed, and open access publication. It welcomes submissions of interesting, informative, and well-written articles of a shorter length as well as bibliographies and other tools related to jazz research. Articles in Current Research in Jazz are published on a rolling basis, with no rigid timeline for submissions. Each volume consists of the output published in a single year.

Founding Editor: 
Michael Fitzgerald, University of the District of Columbia

Editorial Board:
Ted Buehrer, Kenyon College
Steven L. Isoardi, Ph.D.
Matthew Snyder, The New York Public Library
Sam Stephenson, Center for Documentary Studies

Associate Editor: 
Carlos Peña, University of Pittsburgh

Advisory Board:
Dan Morgenstern, Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies (Ret.)

Submission of articles

All articles must be submitted electronically via email attachment or website download. Manuscripts should be formatted in Microsoft Word (.doc), text document format (.txt), rich text format (.rtf), or Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). Use endnotes. The author should retain a backup copy of the manuscript’s electronic file for future reference. A brief author note should accompany the article. 

Manuscripts are first read by the editor for general suitability. They are then sent to one or more readers for further review and comment. Once a decision has been reached, the editor will tell the author whether the article is accepted for publication and, if so, under what conditions. All accepted manuscripts are edited to ensure clarity of presentation and consistency of style.

Illustrations and permissions

When possible, notated musical examples will be typset in Sibelius for viewing using the Scorch plug-in. Other illustrations should be submitted in .jpg format at 96 dpi resolution. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reprint illustrations, examples, song texts, and similar material. All necessary credits and acknowledgments should be included in the legends.


The accuracy of citations, including names, titles, dates, page numbers, and quotations, is the responsibility of the author. All information should be carefully verified before a contribution is submitted. 


In general, Current Research in Jazz follows the guidelines in the 15th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. Except for foreign-language quotations, manuscripts must be in English. Endnote citations and bibliography entries should conform to the “humanities style” described in chapter 16 of The Chicago Manual of Style

Article length

This resource exists to publish articles of significance to the jazz research community that fit in the range of 5–10 pages or even shorter. It is suggested that longer works be submitted instead to one of the excellent journals that publish such articles, such as:


Reviews of performances, records, books, etc. are not accepted. There are many outlets for these, including the above-mentioned journals. 

Indexing and abstracting

Upon acceptance, authors will complete a simple form with abstract (under 100 words) and cataloging information to be stored in Dublin Core format. This will be embedded in the online version to provide enhanced searching functionality as well as to facilitate electronic bibliography compilation and citation through applications such as Zotero. This will also provide the necessary data to generate the RSS feed announcement when the article is published.

For further information, please contact:

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